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April 25, 2004



Glenn, I don't think it always has to be a bad thing. Sometimes Christianity needs to take a beating. So much of our faith is wrapped up in the system instead of the savior behind it. Non Christians will never take us seriously until we start listening to them. Let's try and see if maybe some of their criticism is true, then let's apologize for it instead of always trying to defend ourselves.

For those who might disagree, the New Kind of Christian book really helped give me perspective in this area.

If you were just referring to the DaVinci Code, then I could understand why you made the comments that you did.


I am getting ready to read the Davinci Code, not because of my interest, but because a certain athesist is presenting the subject next week at the college. A person (Sister Faith) who had done the book last semester, hinted "Post Modernism" would be the real topic. So I am learning as much as possible before next week. Me- I work at the college and heard some of the same talk while taking a Comparative Religion class. Christianity took a beating, even sadly from myself. But it made me look further into the history of the church. So I have read up on the Orthodox Church and Church Father's, along with the gnostics. It's amazing how my spiritual life has deepened as I fight my own demons and try to defend the faith. The last days may be finally coming to a close. Frightening I hear the same views of Post Modernism coming from my Mom. It's not a new fight, but an old fight in different disguise. I wonder how many casualities there will be. In Christ, Glenn

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