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September 28, 2004


Existential Punk

i am part of a large baptist church in Richmond, VA that is going to start this fall 2006. I don't think this is the way to reach postmodern, post-Christian people. To me, it's better for boomers who have been away from church.

Matt Segawa

Hey Benjy!
I've talked with you about this before. I've played with worship guys from Saddleback Church. They were saying Warren's heart is to promote the fact that "they don't want anyone to NOT come to church because they don't like the music".

Also, when the video is "piped" into the satellite venue around campus, it is on tape delayed like "Tvo". So they can wind down their worship time, or other business and not be pressed for time because they might miss the sermon.


please no.

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