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September 29, 2004



The analogy of the "S
epherd" and the sheep are partially used because of the era that "The Christ" taught. However, if you find you can't relate to this, then you must step back and consider veiwing the World through different eyes, if you cannot see that most people on Earth are "blind, deaf and dumb" metaphorically speaking, a fact that in no way is directly linked to intellect and have difficulty in the "art of discernment" then the "Shepherd" analogy will have little impact, get up off your knees and look around you, perhaps you will be amazed at what you see.
Postscript "The Christ doesn't make mistakes.


The ministry of spiritual direction emerged from our Catholic sisters' and brothers' care to the Protestant world in the late 70s, early 80s. The granddaddy of Protestant training was birthed from the Shalem Center for Spiritual Formation in Washington DC. There are hundreds of male and female directors ready to walk with those who are seeking God in the new thing of the emeregent church. Read Peterson's "Under the Unpredictable Plant" or "Contemplative Pastor" to get a sense of the changing paridigms of the role of pastor.

Benjy (groovythpstr)

One of the first times I had thoughts along these lines was a couple of years ago when first reading A new kind of Christian. Neo was talking about how if Christ were on earth today, he may refer to the way of God as a network, or a commerce. Definately something worth thinking about.


hmmm, interesting... definately worth some thought and maybe some research... come on, benjy! Break out the ol' surveys and tell us what metaphor works better :-)

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