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October 14, 2004


Charlie Tipton

It bothers me that the government has done everything in its power to take away any vestige of Christmas and yet this stamp is allowed. I agree. I will NOT buy it. Every Mosque in America is a storehouse of radical Islam. They may operate under the guise of "peace"....but their actions speak otherwise. Can you imagine what our troops would think getting a letter that has this blatant in your face hypocrisy? Give me a break? These radicals are taking over the world as we stand idly by and allow it "in the name of peace!"


It doesn't bother me that they have a stamp for a holiday. I got an email like this when it first came out and I heard there are some Arabic sayings on it that have to do with extremist messages. But, I don't know Arabic.


Muslims do believe in Christ. Jesus is in the Quran.

And not all arabs are muslims, theyre lots of Arab-Christians.


Ok, I know this is just another forward, but I just have to say - I think it's awful!

I know that a lot of bad and crappy things have happened at the hands of Muslim people. I won't even begin to list some things that Americans have committed, b/c I don't think that's really the point either. I just think this stamp shows something..... redeeming, not despicable about our nation. It reminds of the time the disciples are whining about how the Romans are making the Jewish people carry their armor, just because they're Jewish. And they're waiting for Jesus to put the smack down on those self-righteous Romans. But his response flies in the face of justice. It turns common sense on end. He says "If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles." In other words, right when you think it's ok to "get back" at somebody, let the chance pass you by.

Americans aren't any better than Muslims. We might have a better government. We might a healthier perspective of the treatment of women or the freedom of religion. But no matter our nationality, we are all created by God as valuable people. As the person who wrote this email pointed out "They (Muslims) don't even believe in Christ." But what if I do? Does that make Muslim people my enemies? How much higher our responsibility to recognize the inherent worth of humanity if we are Christians!

1 Peter 3:9 says Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult, but with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing.

I don't see how boycotting a stamp that represents a people group is accomplishing anything for the kingdom of God. To me, it's majoring on the minors. I'm not surprised that this email would be created and distributed among Americans. But if we are Christians, our allegiance is first to Christ. Am I totally missing something??


This is not a new stamp. I still have some in my purse from about 2 or three years ago. A young boy (about middle school age) requested to have a stamp to celebrate the Eid celebration that year and this stamp is what came of his request. I think it was the year before Eid ul fitr came around Christmas. This is not new. Christians just didn't pay any attention to it until now. Happy holidays and peace to all.

Lori Khan

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatahu,
(Peace and blessings of the God and Creator of all peoples, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist)

As a previous Christian Missionary overseas, I am embarrassed, quite frankly, to hear the rhetoric coming from so called "believers" of the Christian faith...what happened to Jesus teachings.."love your neighbor as yourself..turn the other cheek...etc" I still believe in these, as do all Muslims who practice Islam, even though I have now converted to Islam... Islam teaches that you must accept the message of all the prophets of God, as it is one message... because there is only one God... Quran says, "We have made you nations and tribes that you may know one another, not to despise one another...and the greatest among you is the one who is most pious in good deeds".......

9/11 was done by criminals who took the name of Islam and "hijacked" it... Muslims have never "condoned" the 911 attacks... It has been the media that has taken these "people" and called them "Islamic" terrorists... why do we not call some of the government officials we have right now "Christian terrorists"??? they have killed over 100,000 Iraqi civilians (YES, innocent children and women/men who were not fighting against the USA)...

The true message of Islam is now spreading across the world... inshallah, all of you should seek for truth..

"Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened unto you..." ..Jesus


i think it is a gr8 leap.acceptance of islam and muslims in a chritian majority country.and a message that even if 9/11 was done by binladen and his gang...does mean to stearotype ALL muslims as terrorists. learn about true islam


Before 9/11 I spent most of my 17 years of life enjoying the American culture that I was raised up in as a Muslim. I still do. It's just that before 9/11 my private religion was not so public as it is now. People were not as curious about my religion, nor did many know it existed.

I like this stamp, it brings a smile to my face.

But when I hear stories like Gary's friend, that sure as hell upsets me. I wish a disaster like that never happened to him, or any of the other people who never asked for mass murder. If you want to hear a muslim denounce it, I'm openly saying it: What happened on 9/11 or any other day or place is wrong, it's not Islam, and in no way do I as a Muslim support any of these attacks on innocent civilians. Yet, as I battle to give my views on this to my peers, my religion is also under attack.

I wish Gary would tell me what action I'm supposed to take in order to denounce it, because all I've heard are complaints. As a college student, I can only talk to the people around me when the subject comes up, or post my feelings on the issue like this. I've heard other Muslim friends and relatives opposed to the violence being committed by these terrorists, yet somehow it's not being heard on the outside.

Maybe this stamp was a good thing after all. It helps us pull out the true Muslim views by debates sparked by it.


Gary really shouldn't speak. Just because the muslims in his area are not proud enough to stand up, doesn't mean that the rest of us aren't. The muslims in our community are very strong leaders. The city we live in knows of us and has a terrific view of muslims because what we have done and said. Just because we don't stand up and scream, doesn't mean we are not doing our part. Gary seems to understand and appreciate muslims, which means that some muslim person has been a part of his life to make him belive this. That muslim has stood up and brought a positive image to Gary. It is not our fault that people choose to be closed minded and instantly hate without have the knowledge to know any better.


This was an e-mail to me, from a friend who was a volunteer on 9/12/01 at both Ground Zero and the Pentagon. Her sentiments are pure, raw and how most Americans (75%) feel. I know it's a lunatic fringe of the Muslim religion that is causing all the terristic trouble throughout the world, but I don't see or hear any Muslims denouncing, or taking action against, the horrible actions of those few. If my Muslim friends would stand up to save their religion from the animals within, then we Americans would have a 180 degree different attitude toward our Muslim brothers. Remember, we are all children of God, the same God we all glorify.

"Gary, I hope you're wrong about that stamp. Have a ceremonial stamp burning. I know my apartment is tacky, but on one wall there are pictures of scenes from my two trips to Russia, two American flags that flew at the Pentagon and all three Ground Zero trips and a Salvation Army flag that was also at the Pentagon and Ground Zero 3x. There is the Hershey bar from some kids in Minnesota. I'm fanatical and I don't apologize for it, dammit. I lost a significant part of my hearing permanently because of the noise - a 7-ton wrecking ball crashing into what was left of WTC made a lot of noise. I still have throat problems because of whatever and whoever - all the nasty stuff I inhaled there. I had serious bronchitis for three months after my third rotation, and can no longer hit high E like I used to, can't sing worth a lick because of throat problems which I got there. I can't forget the smells, the pain in everyone's eyes, huddled together, crying together, washing nasty, smelly, burned firemen's feet when their boots had melted and putting clean sox and new boots on their feet. It was the highest honor I ever had, washing those mens' nasty, smelly feet. I remember when the ass hole captain who was my leader reprimanded me and told me not to do that anymore because it was "inappropriate" and me giving the moron a quick lesson from Webster's dictionary as to just what inappropriate is. Dammit, Gary, I'll deliver my mail personally before I use (insert any expletive and as many as you feel necessary) one of their stamps. I never miss a day that I don't cry because of men like my buddies Frank and Joe whose sons were never found. I hugged those two men every day (third rotation) and prayed with them, and still pray for them at least once a day. In fact, I'm crying now -- out of hurt and fury - pure, incandescent fury -- about that stamp. I wonder how my buddies at the Pentagon and Ground Zero feel about it. I still dream about it, I still fall asleep seeing scenes of the Gash at the Pentagon and the Groud Zero scenes. I'm really piissed and I don't apologize for the trash talk. jb"


People should really do some research before they post comments. Ramadan is a month in which muslims fast each year from sunrise to sunset. Eid is the day in which our fast is over. This is a day of celbration. This month and day comes eleven days earlier every year and this year, yes, it does happen to be close to christmas. As a muslim, i find this persons ignorance very frustrating. it is people like this who make our religion look bad. REMEMBER that we are all human. Every religion and every race has people that belong to it that do inhuman acts. But take a religion that no one knows of, and all of sudden an entire race of people and all Muslims are considered terrorists. I guarantee that each person that reads this, knows a Muslim wether they no it or not. Learn to live with the people around you, or find somewhere else to go.


how dare u say that u racist tramp. All u american's i swear u knw nothing yr all so dumb! ARGGGHHHH! Go back to yr dumb ass alcoholic president who kills millions of peoples lives just for oil!


I understand this is an urban legend.


Wow - is this for real? If it is, one part of me celebrates our diversity as a culture, another part mourns for all the rhetoric (like you posted) that will surround an issue like this.

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