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October 07, 2004



The response to Carson's lectures by Dr. David Mills (that you had made available)was very good. Mills practiced the fair-handed type of analysis which Carson seemed to fail at. And since Mills did such a great job pointing out both the strengths of Carson's arguments and not just his many inaccuracies and misjudgments, maybe we should all petition Zondervan to publish something from Mills!

Do you think anyone would buy it? ;)

Benjy (groovythpstr)

"Do you believe that Zondervan is somehow ethically bound to publish books from only one perspective?"

No, not at all. But if they produce some groundbreaking, water shed books for this new movement, how can they turn around and publish something that basically writes off that same movement? If Carson were just writing a critique of the movement, it would be different. But from listening to his lectures (that the future book will be based on) he is influencing people to have nothing to do with the emerging church.

Which seems to many people that Zondervan doesn't really care, as long as they are getting paid.

Chris (DesertPastor)

I wasn't suggesting that Carson is either right or wrong -- only that there may be observations/critiques worth drawing attention to. As the emerging church movement matures, more leaders are not only critiquing the IC but themselves as well. This is an important development, which moves us away from over-generalizations and contributes to the EC's integrity.

I agree that Carson's arguments contained several unfounded criticisms. But do we have the courage to learn from those which may have hit a little too close for comfort? Must we resort to the wholesale rejection of those who critique us?

I'd like to think, btw, that the reader/responders at Paradoxology resonnate with criticisms of both the institutional as well as the emerging Church.

Hopefully, there are institutional church leaders who are learning from the criticism and critique coming their way from EC'rs (like the two of us) -- learning that will lead to fruitful change. My prayer is that we remain committed to learning from our critics as well. I fear what will happen if we do not.

But let me turn back to your original post. Do you believe that Zondervan is somehow ethically bound to publish books from only one perspective? Your post seems to suggest a betrayal on the part of Zondervan. Am I reading you correctly here?

Benjy (groovythpstr)

From reading the comments on other blogs, it seems I feel like many others. It isn't that we are against criticism in the EC, its that we are against unfounded and unbalanced bias. That is why when you offer criticism at paradoxology, its responded too so well.

Chris (DesertPastor)

Have you considered the possibility that Zondervan is embracing a more postmodern, "both-and" perspective, affirming that Carson also has some valid observations?

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