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October 28, 2004


Rebecca Malmquist

Where do you live Tim? If you are in GR, you can go to Mars Hill during business hours and get a sticker or two...otherwise email me directly and I will send you some. :-) -rebecca


Were can I get one of these "Love Wins" stickers? I've searched everywere.

Thanks Tim

Rebecca Malmquist

While it is true that we are still overwhelmingly white, it is not true that we are primarily young. It really depends upon which service you attended and if you were only able to make one, then you only saw about one third of us. I remember the first time I walked into Mars Hill with my husband and two children thinking that it was compelling that there were a vast array of age ranges. I wondered what the older people found interesting about it; I guessed that they were visiting. So I came back in a few more weeks and it was still true: there were people of all age ranges and then I also noticed the various (by their dress and car models) socio-economic status. When you talked about the coiffed hair guy, I giggled a little thinking about the people I see in my regular service I attend with bed-head or tightly woven perms. All of us are not as cool as the coiffed hair guy, but we all still fit and feel like part of a bigger whole. Within a few months we became regular attenders, putting our children in the nursery along with countless others and we have become members of this great family called Mars Hill Bible Church and have been there long enough now to watch our children run to their own group of friends down the halls of our building.
The point is, I got a sense from your article that you were saying that this Mars Hill (this "emergent" church - this revolution - this fad) was just for the tre chic (young and emergent - up and coming - new generation). But this is not really True. The Truth is, God is infinite and bigger than any style or interpretation - in fact I claim that He facilitates all the ways that He made all His lovelies and that is why He has had places of all different styles and interpretations come into existence. He didn't have just one author write the Bible, He didn't have just one generation described His Word. Perhaps He did this for many of reasons (He is the master multi-tasker), but perhaps one glimmer of one of those reasons is to reach all of those that He created for excellence to be able to see it, hear it, relate to it, endulge in the richness of the I AM God. Thank God that He made us so beautifully unique and yet created for community!
Mars Hill Bible Church is not trying to be trendy (even if it is) and it doesn't create policy based on what the latest research is saying people want: Mars Hill Bible Church is only successful because it is lead by the Spirit's Power and we rely on Him to carry us through the Rhythm of Life to know what to do in the next days, months, years. The leaders of our church will admit that they cannot know where the Spirit will lead them, but they are willing to go whenever and wherever they sense Him. Those of us who have not learned how to rely on the Power in this "non-conventional" way yet are placed in this community of others who are at various stages of "mastering" this careful ear and heart and are willing to be both shepherd and sheep at the same time.
Mars Hill Bible Church is open for everyone but of course not everyone will want this interpretational style. That's fine, we don't really care. We just care that everyone hears about this Love of ours - Jesus Christ - and that can happen wherever one is lead (Mars Hill Bible Church or elsewhere). Mars Hill Bible Church is for everyone (and we mean ANYone) who wants to come (with or without questions) and be loved by a bunch of people who love Jesus and whatever conclusions they come to when they walk out the door as a result of experiencing us are not about us anyway.
May you have a surprising day - the kind where you get to know the intake and exhale of your very breath is another amazing mystery that today will not be taken for granted as ordinary but rather as a reflection of the mysterious Rhythm of Life.
Good luck to you in your writing career - the way that you write is very interesting and flows well - I enjoyed reading your words.
Shalom. :-)
rebecca malmquist

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