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February 22, 2005


betty davis

amen, brother!


" but as long as my salvation doesn't hinge on this whole thing, it doesn't really matter." That is kinda my whole point behind this. It's not that big of a deal, but so many people think this is such an important issue. Instead of convincing people by our arguments, why don't we try and change them by actually living different?

This program is so one sided, as you can see from what they teach, pulled directly from their website. It makes the thousands or millions of intelligent, mature Christians who believe in theistic evolution seem like idiots, when in reality these people are the ones who have not thought through everything about this issue.

betty davis

Curious. How do you feel about this and the ideals they are teaching? Are you posting this in support of this event or do you disagree with anything? Creationism has always fascinated me because people have so many different ideas about the whole thing...dinosaurs, etc. I definately don't believe in evolution. Who could?

I have been in the wing where they decorated and I have to say it is pretty awesome. For what they are doing, it definately fits. I think that it really gives the feel to what they are presenting. I certainly couldn't build a dinosaur like that.

I think all children should be taught about the theory of evolution in contrast to Christianity and God's creation. It is such a wide spread theory, taught in school, and they need to be pre-educated in order that they know where they stand. I am happy that this is being presented in a Christian environnment to these kids rather than at public school first.

I don't know when dinosaurs walked the earth. I don't believe in evolution, like I said, but the earth is sooooo old. Who knows what was here before God created mankind? I think there was nothing, but as long as my salvation doesn't hinge on this whole thing, it doesn't really matter.

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