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March 13, 2005



The global revival is in response to wars,injustice,corruption,drug use,fail economies.A global revival proves man is incapable of saving himself from his sinful nature causing more destruction than in creating solutions for a better world.History is a guide.

*Life without faith will lead to more caos and turmoil leading man to become more self center like communision in the former soviet union,where poverty and lack of progress prevails.Capitalism got a whole lot more of Biblical teachings that puts emphansis on service(marketing,manufacturing,clean environment,etc...*


I have been reading through that book the last month or so. It is an amazing work. I have been reading it in preparation for a class I am teaching.

It has been interesting to see people's inability to rethink their paradigm. Last week I mentioned, using Jenkin's numbers, that there are ~ 295 million Americans (all Americans) but more than 360 million Christians in Africa alone. It nearly caused a riot. Just presenting real, live data can often be a prophetic statement and can make people feel as if you are challenging their most core theology.

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