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March 16, 2005



I'm a little late catching this, hope it is still up for discussion. I do think there is some connection between Emergent and Open Theism. I think the connection is with the complexity sciences such as quantum mechanics and chaos theory. They have changed our view of time and how the world works. Open Theism seems to fit the newer understandings better. I haven't done any in-depth study on this myself, but I definitely am in sync with what I have read of Open Theism. I have yet to fully understand why people have such a problem with it... I'm sure someone will enlighten me though.

Joe Thorn

The discussion I've come across is usually in response to the accusations, though I imagine there are some who woud fall into that category. It certainly is not characteristic of the ec, but then again emerging churches don't believe in "propositional truth" so open theism is out automatically.

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