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May 02, 2005


Cliff Livingstone

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Heather Warren

Sure honesty is always voluntary. any accountability group, honesty is essential. BUT, honesty isn't what the accountability group is for--the members aren't there to spill their guts and be forthcoming about life issues (although, it is helpful if they share a little). Yet, to say that accountability is a sham is akin to saying that parenting is a sham--my kids don't listen and obey me, they make reckless choices despite what I've taught them, the family unit is inconsequential/pointless. The opinion in both cases reflects what a member might be feeling about what was personally gleened from the experience. Nevertheless, we know that both accountability and parenting are beneficial, rewarding and worth-while. And, they are sanctioned by God--designed for fellowship and love.

IMO, a group ought to exist so that God can work in the lives of its members and the members can celebrate God's interaction with us. Accountability was meant for fellowship and love between the member with/for/from each other and for the fellowship and love between the individual with/for/from God.

Remember, too, we each are imperfect (and not always honest). Of course we know that, right? But, it is important to realize that a person ought not assume that another person is without sin (and is honest) in every facet of their life. A person may be doing great in one area of their life and still struggle in another area (and one area of their life isn't principally more wicked than another; only more grievous and burdensome). But, amazingly, God is always 'working' in us even when we're not paying attention. That's grace for you :) The same can be said about His teaching--God is always 'teaching' us through what the Bible says and what His Spirit is revealing to us through, maybe, another Christ-follower. 'Working' and 'teaching' are almost synonymous, here. So, even when we are in our sin (dishonesty, in this case), God is working! That is always important to remember while we examine ourselves and while we examine other members in an accountability group. God can use another member of the group to work in us even while they are in their sin (and vice versa between us and him/her).

That being said, accountability is a sham only if your expectations aren't in the right place. Don't expect and berate what was unsuccessful in a person at the time of your meeting because God doesn't suddenly stop working when the group is not together. Instead, anticipate and celebrate what God is doing in and through the group (individually and collectively, then and now). Yeah, God!!

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