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May 16, 2005


Todd Henry

Just a heads-up...during an unprecedented opportunity to film (with permission) inside an Amish farm/home with cast of "REALITY TRIP" (, we shouldn't have been surprised to hear that NOT ALL Amish families/colonies practice the "rumspringa" thang. MANY Amish parents would never allow their children the chance to explore the "sinful world" and risk the results/new thoughts from this type of "exposure".

Great blog!

Todd Henry
Executive Producer
"searching for Truth on the open road"

Searching For Aslan

I ran across a follow-up interview with one of the people featured in this documentary, Faron, during Act 3 of Episode 213, "Devil On My Shoulder" of "This American Life".

Now 21, Faron explains to Ira why most Amish kids decide to stay Amish after rumspringa, and why, at 21, he hasn't.


Does the "both-and" world we live in need more "either-or" choices in it(like the one this documentary draws attention to)? What do you think?

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