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May 12, 2005



Wow Heather, great thoughts. I didn't even think about the comparsion of how many people cannot get online and don't have access to the internet and those who haven't heard the gospel. Not only those who haven't heard it in their culture in remote parts of the world, but what about so many in our generation? For many of them, they just can't swallow the version that many are still presenting as the only option. Thank God that His message is bigger than any and all of our versions of it!

Heather Warren

Great analogy to how God is bigger!!!

But I do prefer Mozilla, myself, now that I know and tried. Is it, "whatever works for you?" Some people don't even know unless you spread the word. And, then again, there are some that don't even know about about the internet and how they can get 'connected' :)

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