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May 06, 2005


Heather W.

I think it is being too simplistic to say that any act done without love is sin. People have sex and in a very loving way but can still be acting (making love) in sin. And, people often judge with love as their guiding compass, but still act accordingly in sin. The KKK, on this point, could argue that they love and want to protect their family and other interests and in their judgment they take sinful action against their neighbor. Sin often has root in some act of love. The issue is that person loves the wrong thing. The crest of holiness is a person's love for God. If you love God, you want to honor God in your actions. To honor God you must first know what He loves and what actions please Him. Sin is doing anything (littl or big, trivial or consequential) that isn't pleasing, loving, or honorable to God.

Steve F.

" Which sin is worse: doing a sexual sin or speaking out against it without love?"

Maybe I'm just being simplistic, but anything which has as its foundation the absence of love is sin. Sex without love is just masturbating into another's body. Judgement untempered by love is hurtful and uninstructive - and frequently driven by pride (and ignorance of one's own sinful condition).

I've found that Wesley informs a lot of my my theology. Of course, having Tex Sample and Eugene Lowry for professors at St. Paul in KC probably helped that...

Good stuff.

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