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May 03, 2005


Keith Brenton

Hey, I was stumped when I started my blog over a year ago and was confronted by the blank representing my profile!

It brings to mind a story my dad told me about a speaker - probably thirty years ago - who came to the company where dad worked and asked all of dad's fellow managers, "How would you answer the question 'Who are you'? Write down some one-word responses; less than ten." Then he gave them a few moments, and started again by saying. "Let me tell you a few of mine. First of all - and most important - I'm a Christian." My dad, an elder in our church, was floored. He didn't expect that response in that environment. He felt shamed that it hadn't made his top ten, even among important descriptors like "father," "husband," "engineer" and so on.

I've never forgotten how my dad told that story.

Thanks for a cool blog!

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